The Higher Self (with Isochronic Tones)

This recording modifies brain activity to help foster spiritual experiences.

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  • Accompagné d’un feuillet d’instructions
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The Higher Self (with Isochronic Tones)

Listening to this soundtrack gently changes brain activity and fosters a broader state of consciousness (associated with Theta and Gamma brain waves). This state helps bring about spiritual experiences.

This product was originally designed to be used in the context of a workshop developed by Dr. Mario Beauregard and Caroline Marion (entitled La connexion intérieure : Une re/création consciente or Connecting Within: a Conscious Re/Creation). During this workshop, this product is used to foster a broadened state of consciousness.

This version does not contain any guidance (accompanying voice) – only the soundtrack and isochronic tones are provided in order to allow you to undertake a personal exploration.

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